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The following is a very short list of the testimonials we have received about our two quality products, Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant and/or Mental Performance.  As time and space below permits, we will be adding more testimonials, we want to hear from you!

We want to hear from you, whether you lost 3 pounds which was never obtainable before or more than 100 pounds, your memory has gotten clearer, or your forgetfulness is less, these are all important to us. Use our contact us page or call 702-210-4201, tell us your results.  Thanks

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  • I have tried dozens of products to loose weight. I really did not think your fat burner would work. After taking it for a couple days i had no side effects but i could tell me appetite was drastically reduced. At the end of first week i had lost 9 pounds.
    I have long way to go but thanks for making such a great diet product. Ronald J.
  • After 26 days not only have i reordered but i have lost 17 pounds without any side effects. I am not healthy to start with and very scared about products because i have high blood pressure already. Your fat burner is great, it did not harm me in any way and gave me great results. Danny R.
  • I wanted to loose 20 pounds was my goal. After four weeks i have lost 13 pounds and have no gone to the gym or changed anything in my life. Yes, i eat less because of the appeittie suppressant so my weight has gone done. remarkable product. Susan F.
  •  My sister told me about the Fat Burner product and she said it was working for her. I got a bottle and I am very happy with the results after a few days. Susan T.
  •  After trying dozens of products the las vegas diet product is working for me. I started using the capsules three weeks ago and I already lost six pounds. My goal is to weight 5 pounds less. This really works. Bonnie C
  •  My wife got me a bottle of your fat burner with appetite suppressant and I did not take the product for more than a month. I went to my doctor and he said it is a must for me to get some of the weight off my body or else. I came home, opened the bottle and started taking one capsule a day for the next 10 days. After 10 day, I am down 7 pounds. WOW. I never right a review but this is an exception. Great product and I have told everyone of your company. Mark J.
  • After my first week of using the mental performance capsules I do not have trouble remembering small things. No more searching for my keys or trying to remember where I put things. This is a remarkable product. I want to thank you for helping us with this product. Linda S.
  • When I started taking the Fat Burner product I weighed 256. After two months I now weight 237. I am headed to 199, my goal. I have not changed what I eat, just how much. This is a wonderful product, thanks. Darrel S.
  • I am happy to report after 3 months of taking the fat burner my body continues to shrink. I have lost 43 pounds and not one day did I exercise. Thank you for making a product that does exactly as you described. My appetite is very suppressed and no binge eating or starving feelings. Half way to my goal. Glad someone shared your products with me, it has changed my life. Ronald S
  • Super product, does exactly as you advertised. Priced right. Gracious. Soon to be my ideal weight without any exercise. Robert L.
  • My sister shared your fat burner with appetite suppressant with me and I was skeptical it would work. I ate exactly the same food and places as always, but to my surprise I did not eat as much. And sure enough, my weight started dropped. I have now lost 25 pounds and I weigh the same as I did in college. I have not been this weight for a long time. Thank you. Gloria H.
  • My sister told me about your fat burner. I have tired dozens of other products and I am writing to tell you thank you. In my first 15 days I have lost 10 pounds. I have a long ways to go, but this stuff really works. A great product and i have ordered the Mental product also. Thomas S.
  • My friends was always joking about me forgetting everything. Not any more. After using the mental performance product for five weeks the jokes have stopped and all those who laughed at me before now want to know my secret. I really appreciate how good of product your company make, but I am still not sure I will ever tell my socalled friends how my memory got sharp again. Donna R.
  • I was skeptical about your fat burner since I could not feel it working. After a week I got on the scale and I was down 7 pounds. My goal now is to loose 60 more pounds. Your fat burner really works. No exercise, just continued eating same food but without being hungry just smaller portions. Ann J.
  • I enjoyed talking with your staff at the Anaheim Supplement Convention and was pleased how they took the time to help me. I bought your fat burner product and it has been working perfectly. Lost 24 pounds and feel great. It is amazing you cannot feel this product working, but it sure does. Maria R.
  • My sister lives in Las Vegas and has known Mr. Reed for nearly 30 years. She sent me the fat burner product and at first I was upset when she thought I was overweight. After looking honestly in the mirror she was right. I started taking the one capsule a day and after a month I looked in the mirror again and wow was I surprised. It is a new, smaller me. Thanks Juan S.
  • I compared the cost of your fat burner with the amount of money I saved on not buying as much food the first month and my savings was over $96 above the cost of the capsules. So basically I lost 17 pounds and gained $96 in my pocket. Super product, everyone should take your fat burner since everywhere I look is overweight people. Don W.
  • Best $54 I have ever spent. My first month I have lost 19 pounds without exercise. Awesome product Vickie H.
  • Thanks for making such a great product to help me shed some unwanted pounds. To date I have lost 27 pounds and without any exercise. The capsules really work and I have never felt hungry. This is the easiest way to loose weight. Outstanding product, thanks for making it available. Jenny M.
  • I needed to get rid of 25 pounds before my daughters wedding. I had three months and it has been 20 years since I was at my ideal weight. My friend told me about your fat burner, so what the heck I gave it a try. In 71 days, I had reached my goal. What a great product, I recommend it to all my friends and relatives. Congratulations on making such a perfect weight loss product. Gina K.
  • Your company will get plenty of referral’s from me. Thanks for making your Fat Burner with appetite suppressant, it really has helped me reach my goal of getting rid of 32 pounds. I have tried for 17 years to get back to my college weight and finally obtained my goal with your product. Again thanks. Emma L.
  • I kept waiting to see a side effect or any of the issues I have gotten over the years with other products. It never happened. Wow! A devoted customer who has lost 38 pounds in three months. Susan N.
  • The fat burner has really worked for me, thanks, I lost 9 pounds in two weeks without changing my life. Deanna G.
  • Your company has changed my life. I can now enjoy moving around and not so out of shape. My family wants to be around me again. You guys are a blessing. Keep up the good work and maybe you can make a diabetic product which works as good as your fat burner. Rudy R.
  • Over the past 10 years I have noticed my female friends not wanting to be around a fat person. I have tried dozens of products and spent thousands of dollars and finally found your product. I have no idea why it works, but it does. In four months I am 3 dress sizes smaller and my friends are coming back. This is a true miracle product. Your devoted customer. RN
  • I purchased three bottles of the fat burner. I used one and gave one to my sister who lives out of state and my next door neighbor. My neighbor and I lost over 20 pounds in less than 2 months. My sister lost nothing, and then I found out she had not taken the product. After she saw our results on her recent visit she has become a firm believer and already lost 14 pounds in the first month. My sincere appreciation for changing our lives. Maria L.
  • Great product, it works, priced right and very easy to eat one capsule a day. All my best. Mary Ann D.
  • I am writing this testimonial from my hotel room in Las Vegas. My yearly one week visit to Vegas usually sends me home 10-15 pounds overweight. This is the sixth day I have used your product and eaten at buffets and drink way to much, but not gained a pound. I never give endorsements or testimonials but your fat burner is a real life changer. I will tell you again how I have done after the first month. Your newest customer. Angie J.
  • Three weeks ago I was given a bottle of your fat burner. Today I am 11 pounds lighter. Sensational diet product. Kenneth L.
  • In the past 3 months of taking your fat burner I have lost 31 pounds and saved more than $122 in money above the cost of the fat burner I would have spent on food. This is really a win win. Thanks. Amanda F.
  • I was told of your product from my relative who lives in Las Vegas. She swears it is the best diet product ever. I have now been using the fat burner for six weeks and have lost 16 pounds. For the last nine years I have tried to loose 10 pounds unsuccessfully. Thank you. My husband really likes the new smaller me. Belinda G.
  • I live in Canada and on my recent trip to Vegas I saw your product in a gift shop. Thought I would give it a try and to my amazement it really works. Over the past four months I have made each of my friends visiting Las Vegas buy bottles for themself and bring me back some more. In 4 months I am a new smaller person and my boyfriend I think is going to propose to the new better looking me. All my deepest thanks for making me a better smaller person. Carmen F.
  • Best value of any diet product I have tried over the past 10 years. It is easy to use, no exercise, no meals to buy, no hidden costs, no side effects and it works. You guys really have a winning product. You best customer. Roland T.
  • Your fat burner is great, really works, thanks. Cynthia K.
  • I was not sure the fat burner was going to work since it was so easy to take. The results I got were excellent, I lost 18 pounds my first month without changing anything. Eva R.
  • I was concerned your $54 fat burner was not going to work. I had spent thousands over the years and I continued to get fatter. I have reordered your fat burner three times and the results just keep coming. I already am below my first goal weight and now I am setting my goal to my college weight. I am 55 years old now. I appreciate someone making a diet product which works. William L.
  • Easiest weight loss product I have ever tried, and best of all it works. I took off the 20 pounds my doctor said I needed to get rid of. Best money I ever spent. Barb T.
  • The $54 dollars I spent on the fat burner really saved me more than $100 a month in unnecessary food. I lost my 35 pounds and saved money, great fat burner product. Thanks. James C.
  • Your fat burner was so easy to take and the results were phenomenal. Wish I found this years earlier. Satisfied customer. Sheri O.
  • I bought the fat burner and my wife already told me she was proud of how hard I worked to loose weight. I took the credit for how fast and simple it was to take your fat burner. Thanks for making me look better in two ways. Lawrence J.
  • For 15 years I have been overweight. Similar to your car wreck I was injured and gain a lot of weight. The LasVegasDiet fat burner has given me my life and mobility back, thank you. John A.
  • My new years resolution was to take your fat burner and never be fat again. This year my resolution came true. I have been four months and I have lost almost 40 pounds without any effort. Thanks. Cecil M.
  • Fat burner is a great product, it works without any effort and the cost is right. Your loyal customer. Darlene B.
  • great product. I almost forgot i was taking a capsule a day. It took no effort to shed the 15 pounds i had gained. Thanks Debbie S.


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