New Products Coming Soon & How the Products are Selected daily searches for new products to offer our customers. We proudly offer our customers a very select number of products, not thousands, because we deliver the best quality for the money only! Before a product is selected to be on this web site it takes months or longer to has pass dozens of in house and laboratory tests to determine quality, value, price, and is our product something you will tell you friends about.

Quality of products ingredients is the most important item when we determine if a new product is to be selected and offered for sale on this web site. There are millions of products in the marketplace all saying they are quality and will make you better, but our research has shown this is not the case. Quality products take more time to assemble, large amounts of research and numerous reviews before we accept a new product.

Price is always important to all of us, whether it is a product to make you feel better or the cost of numerous products and services we all buy every day. Our pricing is great because we are not a multi level marketing company or have retail stores which historically proven to raise the price of products the customer pays. We sell directly from our manufactures uGMP facilities to our customers online, giving the best price for you.

new products coming soon to

made in america all USA Products

Acne Patch. is finalizing the packaging of a new product expected to be released soon. The Acne Patch is an Over The Counter (OTC) product which has already been approved by the FDA for Acne. There will be 30 patches sold in one package and they have a shelf life of 2 years. Each patch is designed to take care of the problem of acne.

Topical Patches. is proud to be working in the development of various topical patches. We will only use the quality 3M patches versus the lesser expensive patches often seen in the marketplace. The 3M time release FDA approved patches are extremely superior. We are working on using these in conjunction with various needs for the body to be enhanced.

Charcoal activated Toothpaste. It may not sound very enticing at first glance, but this product is sweeping the health, glamour and fitness world. (This charcoal is not the same you use on the family picnic to burn hot dogs and hamburgers.) Numerous experts agree activated charcoal toothpaste does remove stains effectively from teeth.

Dog and Cat Supplements are being formulated at this time to be soon released through our web site for your pets. Of course they will be made of the highest quality, non allergy ingredients to ensure the best for your pets. These new products will be in chewable as well as powder formulations for ease of consumption.

Pain Relief Patches. Soon we will finish testing our Pain Relief Patch which assists the consumer in getting relief from pain and inflamation. As with all our multi day patches, we use only the finest quality patch material .  We use patch material developed by 3M and have been given an FDA certification of approval for a delivery system.

Aroma Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier. We are testing various designs and shapes to offer our clients a multi speed, quiet, automatic shut off, mood enhancing lighting, large capacity, a multi functional oil diffuser which of course will be priced correctly. This product will offer a great decoration to any home or office.

High Absorption CoQ10, Gluten Free. CoQ10 helps promote cardiovascular health and cellular energy. Unfortunately, CoQ10 may be depleted in the human body by aging. CoQ10 is a key nutrient that powers and protects the body’s high-energy organs & systems – especially the heart & blood vessels.

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