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my personal story how private brand created

by Richard Reed

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January 1985 – September 1999:

On September 10, 1999, was born out of my personal desire to stay alive. I, Richard Reed, am a businessman who traveled the world extensively. Living 250 days a year in hotels and eating 99+% in restaurants for more than 15 years, my lifestyle could be considered fast paced, but the rate of hectic activity did not help in keeping my weight under control or my health as a priority.  The good news is my health problem was solved after 32+ years of searching and the products which helped me are now becoming available to you. Please read on to see how these quality products helped save my life.

My journey to improve my health covers decades. And while the results are worth the effort, there was a myriad of distractions to overcome. This may sound purely self-centered and perhaps not the best reason to start another company, but I am sure it is not the first business to be started from the personal needs of an entrepreneur. I had to find the best way to lose weight. I needed some weight loss pills or a way to lose weight which was safe for an overweight person. This is how and why began.

Tired of fighting the weight battle and feeling miserable, I started my part-time multi year journey to understand the human body and its need for vitamins, supplements, and related products. Little did I know this journey was going to be the most important of my life. I needed to lose belly fat and actually my entire body needed to be smaller.

From 1985 through today, I have had the good fortune to have the help of my trusted friend, Charles Brown, through the tough times, providing me with quality direction in discovering the truths about vitamins, minerals, supplements and other health related products. I thank him for all his help in keeping me on the mental path of how to lose weight and seeking the best way to lose weight.

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October 1999 – June 2004:

After having nearly died multiple times in car accidents, medical procedures, etc., my quest to find products to enhance my daily life continued slowly, and unfortunately with interruptions. Over these years, I was involved in a number of serious automobile accidents. These, plus the other issues I have mentioned, contributed to a major decline in my health. Confinement to a wheelchair for six months and nearly two years learning to walk again is a great motivator.  I continued the search for products to make me feel, move, look, and do better – but it slowed me down.

Over the years, my ongoing attempts to talk with a wide array of chemists, pharmacists, psychiatrists, hypnosis, product formulators, vitamin and supplement manufacturers, psychics, self proclaimed diet experts and doctors returned poor results. The real experts which had some valuable knowledge had no interest in divulging pertinent information, or spending any real time in discussion with a private individual. was born as a device used to penetrate the inner sanctum of the vitamin and supplement world.

July 2004- August 2012:

The year 2004 was difficult. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s, and had to face the fact I am always going to be a recovering handicapped person. These were two more roadblocks to my quest for quality products and answers. Being physically disabled for such a long period of time, my weight continued increasing.

With my health deteriorating I became a personal tester for hundreds of weight loss and health products, weight loss plans, diet plans, weight loss meal plans and a wide array products/diet plans from dozens of different companies. Year after year I would periodically buy several health products and hope they worked on my losing weight, unfortunately most of them made my problems worse and i eventually gained weight.

September 2012 – May 2017:

In 2012, my father passed away due to kidney and heart failure. Fear of following in my father’s footsteps turned my part-time interest and efforts into a more full scale serious search for healthy, useful products. allowed me to get the straight facts and inside knowledge of the various vitamins and supplements. Up until now, my search for existing products which actually worked and did not cost a fortune, had failed. The yo–yo effect of the various products I tried only added to my health problems. Weighing now way more than 300 pounds, I had tried every product I found and spent a small fortune with poor results.

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June 2017:

Finally, my good friend and fellow Rotarian, Robert Ansara, made a simple comment at lunch. “If the products you bought previously do not work, why not build your own vitamin and supplement line – make them yourself – and get the results you desire?” At first we both laughed, but a moment later we both recognized it was a good idea. We realized creating quality products which TRULY WORK and are COST EFFECTIVE is a worthy project we should – and would – accomplish together. In June 2017, Robert became an investor in and the production of quality products began. We took all the knowledge and connections I had gathered over the past few decades in the vitamin, supplement, formulation, and manufacturing industries to begin developing products for the brand. Obviously, the first product we would develop was for weight management.

July 2017 – August 2017.

My travels to build better private brand products took me next to the famous Minnesota company, 3M. For decades, this highly successful Fortune 500 company has been making some of the best products in the world. One product they produce is a patch which adheres to the skin and allows a substance to be absorbed by the body. Their patch is used to deliver prescription medicine to consumer. This product is, to our knowledge, the only FDA approved patch in the world. After meeting with the 3M representative and expressing how we would use their patch as the vehicle to deliver only the highest quality products, we were approved, and contracted for its use. (The research and testing are ongoing and hopefully soon we will be releasing a patch for weight management and another for assisting with hangovers. Both patches are good for one 3-day usage.)

We were excited, during product testing, formulators from an FDA manufacturing company shared with us products which, at first, seemed outside the theme. However, after close examination, we could see these products would be extremely useful, of the highest quality, and the public should have access to buying.

made in america all USA Products is proud to finally be starting production of our own private brand supplements and related products. While our research into patches continues, we will be releasing our own line of veggie capsule products and other type of different patches over the next several months. These products range from weight management, mental performance, stress release, joint performance, an amazing acne patch, which is FDA-approved to treat acne, a probiotic which has no equal in the marketplace. Additional new private brand products will be for those suffering from toe nail fungus, pain, and a selection of other helpful products to improve daily life – for us and for you!

September 2017 – December 2017

For distribution purposes, we decided to make our packaging unique, modern, and different from the usual boring white plastic bottle. With the help of graphic designers and FDA label specialists, we have created a simple attractive label. Each of our private brand products have easily understood informational text and directions for each product.

January 2018 – March 2018

Spoiler Alert! The new product works and my weight is melting away. On January 3, 2018, I Richard Reed, started taking the product daily, one capsule. Within the first three months I have successfully lost 40+ pounds without exercise, special food, or any other costly or unhealthy activities. I simply take one veggie capsule a day prior to my first meal, with a small glass of water. Over these three months hundreds of people have seen my results and are also now using the Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant product. More results to be added soon.

April 2018 – February 2019:

A long time friend wife asks me a question about my Fat Burner product I could not answer. Question: “Once I get down to my ideal weight how many Fat Burner capsules should I take per month?” Honestly I had no idea because I was still working on getting to my personal ideal weight. For the next five plus months I became the test case and only consumed 1-2 capsules a week. I tested this limited capsule intake program from August through mid January and found I could maintain my body weight taking only 8-10 capsules a month without any exercise, even though I was still larger than my personal weight desired. After 5.5 months of this test, my body weight was only 1 pound more than when I started in August 2018. I found her answer.

March 2019 – October 2019:

I went back to my normal routine taking one Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant capsule a day, all without exercise. If I could exercise even a little, I am 100% positive my weight loss would accelerate greatly. (My 1999 car wreck left me permanently handicapped with both biceps muscles torn in half, my right foot broken into numerous pieces only being held together with scare tissue and my right should / upper arm was broken and did not heal correctly.) During this time I managed to lose more weight, now my total weight loss is now 60+ pounds.

November 2019 – May 2020:

During this time period a different close friend asks me a question I could not answer. Question: “After taking the Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant for several months, I reached my ideal weight loss and I stop taking any capsules, will I yo-yo and gain my weight back?” Once again I became the test person. For 5 months out of my life, I stopped taking the Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant capsules (November 2019 – March 2020). I am happy to report I did not yo-you. Part of this time was the pandemic stay at home lock down and having a lot of access to food my body was trained not to binge or over eat. My experience proved to me after taking for a few months the Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant once reaching an ideal weight and stop consuming the capsules, you have trained your mind not to want to eat larger quantities of food than you need. My original life time eating habits of many years ago did not return. I find her question. My total weight loss is now 70 pounds.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my personal story. I felt the consumer might like to know the origins of, and the passion behind, the creation of private brand products. Our new private brand products will be a helpful addition to the marketplace. For those in search of a better, stronger, and more comfortable life we feel our products will help you. I hope my story helps make you feel you may not be alone and hopefully enhance your life – live happily ever after.

Richard Reed

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