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About Us:  LasVegasDiet.com was created on September 10, 1999

This web site is one of the more than 800+ web sites owned and operated by Richard Reed / ReedConsortium.com, LLC, a Nevada Corporation.

Being a businessman with 800+ web sites often a business / web site might start in one direction and end up completely different. This really is the case for LasVegasDiet.com. Creating LasVegasDiet.com in 1999, it was originally designed to buy bulk other company products at discounts and sell them to customers at big discounts. Unfortunately, this method of business is only making money, not building better products for customers.

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LasVegasDiet.com makes major changes

Never again would LasVegasDiet.com sell other companies products or be a clearing house for low end products. Basically, LasVegasDiet.com is a “Born Again” company. In May of 2017, we now only research, develop, manufactures, distribute our own private label high quality LasVegasDiet.com products. The redesigned, all new, LasVegasDiet.com is basically starting over in 2017 with 18 years of prior experience.

LasVegasDiet.com is a massive project bringing Life Enhancement products to people around the world. To accomplish this task, I, Richard Reed, proudly teamed up with Robert Ansara of Las Vegas. Robert is a long time friend – fellow Rotarian, and he become an investor / shareholder in LasVegasDiet.com LLC. His business skills and work ethic will be a huge asset in making LasVegasDiet.com your source for quality health related products.

Our goal is to deliver quality / healthy products to individuals, Distributors and Wholesalers worldwide

LasVegasDiet.com will be using 3M manufactured patches, the highest qualities topical patch delivery system in the world, which has already been approved by the FDA

We take great pride in working with individual buyers as well as those who become LasVegasDiet.com Life Enhancement Distributors and Life Enhancement Wholesalers. There are NO fees to become a Life Enhancement Distributor, your only cost is to buy products at a large discount. (Full details)

You may buy any product we offer without becoming a Life Enhancement Distributor or Wholesaler, (Full details). We enjoy working with individuals.

Any person age 18 or older / existing business can become a Life Enhancement Distributor for a part time or full time business. Whether you have a work at home business, buying for personal use at a large discount or have an existing store(s), our Distributor Program will generate great income. You can sell to existing customers, new customers, friends, coworkers, relatives or whomever.

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No Mystery shipping or handling fees

LasVegasDiet.com has a very simple shipping policy. Any individual spending more than $60, the order is shipped free anywhere in the continental USA. Orders less than $60 are charged a flat shipping fee of $8 for continental USA delivery. NO handling fees or mystery charges. Distributors and Wholesalers have a slightly larger minimum order to obtain free shipping, (Full details).

LasVegasDiet.com Life Enhancement Wholesalers receive largest discounts

Life Enhancement Wholesalers are required to buy a minimum quantity of products. This initial cost is depending on area / country.

To become a Life Enhancement Wholesaler call 702-210-4201 or complete a short form online and one of our Regional Representatives will give you full details and minimums.

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LasVegasDiet.com is NOT a multi level marketing business, MLM.  We do not operate retail stores.  Since 1999 LasVegasDiet.com is honored to work personally and directly with our customers.

Please contact LasVegasDiet.com for additional information / pricing and availability of any products or services.
About Us LasVegasDiet.com
For information about the Founder of LasVegasgDiet.com and the years he spent developing this company and the products, his detailed story is available online, click here.


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